Set off on a journey to Europe’s Renaissance times and live an amazing adventure!

You have no idea how to spend time with your family? Are you looking for an unique place that will charm your kids and give you a moment of ease from daily routine? Discover Mandoria City of Adventure – new theme park that is being created in Rzgów nearby Łódź. Travel to XVI century and awaken an inner explorer. Meet amazing inhabitants of the City of Adventure, savour fantastic food and exotic drinks.

Get yourself taken away by the adventure.

The opening of Mandoria gates will take place in summer 2020.

3..2..1 Start!
Port trader’s town in the heart of Poland

Mandoria City of Adventure is being created off Łódź – in Rzgów, by national road no. 1. An easy reach is provided by a direct neighbourhood of communication hub of A1 (Gdańsk-Katowice) highway crossing with express route S8 (Białystok – Warszawa – Wrocław). Our guests can use free parking spaces.

Renaissance in the theme park

Mandoria City of Adventure theme park will take you to 1520 – Renaissance epoque and fascinating time of Great Discoveries and Travels. It was a time when new land and sea trade routes were paved, exotic products and goods found their way to Europe from South America, China and Arabia. It was also a time of enlightenment, education development and questioning of current state of knowledge. Astronomy, Alchemy, Architecture, Philosophy and Art flourished in various parts of the world.

Thanks to a visit to Mandoria, you will experience the atmosphere of those amazing times and with your own eyes you will see how a XVI century trade town operated.

Every age group welcome

Irrespective of age, anyone can become Mandoria’s explorer. Architects of the City of Adventure designed the place in such a way that both kids and adults can enjoy carousels, roller-coasters and many more. Majority of attractions will also be accessible for kids over 90 cm tall.

Open all year round

Mandorians rarely talk of the weather, perhaps because the Sun always shines in Mandoria. This phenomenon has one more benefit – the City of Adventure will be open to guests every day! Detailed opening hours of Mandoria gates will be announced soon.

Every visit is a new adventure

From sunrise till sunset and also in starlight, Mandoria leads a colourful life. Every day poses new challenges to Mandoria inhabitants. Would you like to actively participate in them? Fisherman Bartek is carrying a heavy basket full of fish? Lady Estelle has lost the key to the town gates? Go help them! And remember to check what Raskal and Lili ferrets have come up with during your next visit to the City of Adventure. Keep your eyes wide open – in Mandoria, new adventures wait just around the corner.

Mandorian ducats – high value coins

A big letter M on heads. A proud peacock on tails. Official currency of Mandoria has held a top position in the rank of the most beautiful coins in the world. In the City of Adventure you can use Mandorian ducats to pay for food and beverages and also shopping. How to get grasp of them? Easy thing! Visit a local bank and exchange PLN for peacock marked ducats.

Mandoria inhabitants

Mandoria is inhabited by remarkable figures and each of them has their own history. See who you can meet during your visit to the City of Adventure.