Let’s colour your own Raskal and Lili

Raskal and Lili are two funny ferrets who live in Mandoria. For them every day is a great opportunity to play tricks. Now each one of you can have their own ferret at home. Just make use of lovely colouring pages we have created specially for you. Among our colouring pages you will find those […]

New Year

Happy New Year, My Dear Readers! May the next twelve months be full of amazing adventures. Have you noticed that the gap between our and Mandorian times is exactly 500 years now? Wow! I can imagine citizens of Mandoria getting ready for the opening of the gates. Surely Lady Estelle keeps her eye on everything…

A press conference

After years of living in isolation, Mandorians decided to open their gates to visitors. In year 2020 you will be welcome to visit the roofed part of the city. My secret sources have informed me that preparation works are very advanced. If only Raskal and Lili didn’t leave their footprints on Mandoria polished shield…


Mandorians love making surprises to one another. Flower bouquet on no occasion? Strawberry scented cake for a good start of the day? It’s daily life in Mandoria. Fortunately, Mandoria inhabitants more and more willingly leave their town and also surprise us. Just like during a beautiful parade organised during World Travel Show fairs.