Welcome to Mandoria

This is where Renaissance Europe meets modernity, and a 16th-century trading city turns into an amusement park.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? We are glad that you are here with us!

Mandoria is a park for family entertainment and exciting discoveries. Let yourself be carried away by the adventure! In Mandoria, wonderful merry-go-rounds and thrilling family roller-coaster rides, a giant slide, lifeboats, shooting range and much more await you. Here you will meet amazing local inhabitants and taste delicious Mandorian cuisine.


Opinie klientów

Rewelacyjne miejsce dla całej rodziny i paczki znajomych. Każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie. Niesamowita ilość atrakcji. Strefa restauracyjna bardzo rozbudowana. Polecam iść na cały dzień 😃

12 April 2024

Super zabawa dla całej rodziny. Pyszne jedzenie, miła obsługa, a najlepsza na grze w kaczki – pozdrawiamy Pana Stasia i Panią Anię 🙂 Na pewno wrócimy jeszcze raz z całą rodziną.
Elaine Cloudbaker

27 March 2024

Wyjątkowe miejsce, w którym można świetnie się bawić i super spędzić cały dzień. Piękne aranżacje i smaczne jedzonko. Atrakcje fantastyczne dla dzieciaczków 🙂
Klaudia Stanek

28 February 2024

Map of Mandoria

Park Map

Are you looking for the shortest way to the Port? Or maybe you want to check if you will pass the “Crazy Hen” Inn on your way to the Dark Manor?
Take the Mandoria Map in your hands and check it out.

Flavours of Mandoria

Mandorian cuisine

Many travelers say that the best way to understand the culture of unknown lands is to taste their dishes. If you agree with that, you’d better come to Mandoria with an empty belly. You have a lot to try here!

There are as many as 7 eateries in the park, including: an Italian restaurant, a candy store, a cafe, an ice cream parlor and others.


See what our Mandoria theme park looks like in the pictures.

Mandoria City of Adventures is located right next to Łódź – in Rzgów, by national road No. 1. Convenient access to it is provided by the proximity of the A1 motorway (Gdańsk – Katowice) and the S8 expressway (Białystok – Warsaw – Wrocław). Free parking is available for motorists.

The Mandoria City of Adventures theme park will take you back to 1521 – the Renaissance, a fascinating age of discovery and travel. It was then that new routes were mapped out on land and water, thanks to which exotic products and goods found their way to Europe from South America, China and Arabia.

Anyone, regardless of age, can become an explorer in Mandoria. The architects of the City of Adventures designed it so that the attractions of the park – carousels, roller-coaster and many others – could be enjoyed by both children and adults. Most of the attractions are already available to children who are over 90 cm tall.

Mandorians rarely talk about the weather, probably because the sun always shines in Mandoria. This weather phenomenon has one more advantage – the City of Adventures will be open to visitors all year round!

From sunrise to sunset, as well as in the light of the stars, in Mandoria life is colourful. Extraordinary figures live here, and each of them has a story. Are you curious of them? Feel free to ask. Let yourself be drawn into a whirlwind of fascinating stories.

Mandoria Theme Park

is a unique place for family entertainment. It is here that attractions and stylized surroundings complement each other, creating a perfect space to play, deepen relationships and spend time in a truly family-like manner. This makes Mandoria a great option for both big and little explorers, as well as for those who are looking for an exceptional experience. All carousels and roller-coasters located in the park are part of the bustling Renaissance city – the City of Adventures. It is therefore the only family park in Poland that offers a full theme in this style. By walking through the city gates, you can travel back in time to the Renaissance! This amusement park in Łódź, which is actually located in Rzgów, impresses not only with its attractions, but also with its form and the story it tells. Thanks to this, it is entertaining regardless of your age and offers a new experience every time.

Theme Park for the whole family!

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