roller-coaster is avalible!

Discover ARKADY – a new zone of Mandoria and its amazing attractions!
It’s up to 10 thousand. m 2 for an adventure for the whole family.

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Mandoria is an amusement park for the whole family.
You will find both attractions for young children and older explorers.

Board a mighty steel roller coaster and discover the winding marble distribution route!
Jump into the rushing current with Otto and explore his favorite delicacies at the Fishermen's Guild!
The pick is Mandoria's newest attraction, which is sure to provide an amazing experience. You can find it in the Arcade area.

– adults can also have fun at all* Mandoria attractions!
So forget your date of birth and let the fun begin.

Let the time spent in the City of Adventures become a special family memory.

*except for Szalupy i Chytra Wydra

Family attractions for children and adults

Children who are just getting to know the world. Young people looking for unusual experiences. Adults who value family entertainment. Seniors gazing at their grandchildren. Everyone has fun in Mandoria – together and without exceptions. It is a bustling city where attractions for the youngest are naturally intertwined with adventures for people of every age. It is therefore the only such place in Poland, entirely designed for little and big explorers. Thanks to this, after crossing the gates of the park, everyone turns into a Visitor of the most interesting City in Poland – the City of Adventures. Are you and your loved ones ready to learn its secrets? Note: What looks like an inconspicuous attraction for children often turns out to be something completely different. Do you know why the Shoe Ball lasts forever? What’s the story behind the Dark Court? Why Bartek the Fisherman does not sail out to open water anymore? Ask the Mandorians about it, they will be happy to tell you about themselves and reveal what attractions for children are also perfect for adults.