Flavours of Mandoria

There are as many as 6 eateries in the park, including: an Italian restaurant, a candy store, a cafe, an ice cream parlour and others.

Have your cake and eat it, too: satisfy the hunger and curiosity of an explorer!

Many travellers say that the best way to understand the culture of unknown lands is to taste their dishes. If you agree with that, you’d better come to Mandoria with an empty belly. You have a lot to try here!


Will you have the enthusiasm of an explorer (and room in your stomach) to try all the flavours?

Mandorian cuisine

NEW- Szalona Kura

Fast, tasty and crispy! This is where you will eat the best chickens in the city, and according to some explorers – all over Europe.

NEW - We Młynie

Homemade bread, a wealth of additives and excellent taste. Mandorian casseroles are recommended for small and large hunger.

Piazza di Mandoria

A restaurant where you will find delicious pizzas, pastas and other typical Italian dishes. Fans of cheese and tomato sauce will surely find something for themselves here.

Fast Ferret

Buffet restaurant. Choose what you want and compose your favourite dish!

Abu Cafe

The smell of this place is known to all Caravan travellers. Here you will find aromatic coffees, various drinks and tasty snacks.

Three Bells Tavern

Captain Azulejos’ favourite bar. Here you can relax with Mandorian drinks and admire the rhythm of port life.


After warming up at the Galleon, take advantage of the Gelato offer – an ice cream parlour offering something to cool down.

Under the Lollipop

A candy store where fans of sweets, sugar and cute snacks can buy anything they want.